Trump’s son says there is no leader in the U.S.

Trump's son says there is no leader in the U.S.

The son of former U.S. President Donald Trump Jr. said after the White House refused to talk directly with Russian President Vladimir Putin that the United States now has no leader. He wrote this on his Twitter page on March 19.

“Putin challenged Joe Biden to a live debate without a prearranged text. The whole world knows we have no leader at the top, only an empty suit with a teleprompter,” Trump Jr. said. He noted that U.S. adversaries are currently “looking at America’s weakness with gusto.”

On March 17, Biden said that Russia should “pay the price” for its “interference” in the U.S. presidential election. The American president said he had earlier had a “long conversation” with Putin, adding that he knew him “pretty well.” In doing so, he allegedly warned the Russian president about a possible response. Putin responded to the American leader’s accusations by wishing him health and recalling the childhood tease “who calls himself by that name, so it is called.”

In addition, the Russian president offered to have an open conversation with Biden online. However, during his briefing with journalists, Biden did not answer the question of whether he would agree to talk to Putin.

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The U.S. president’s statement was preceded by the March 16 publication of a National Intelligence Agency report that accused Russian statesmen of trying to help re-elect Trump and obstruct Biden in the presidential election. Washington also announced new sanctions against Russia.

The Kremlin expressed regret that the reason for the new sanctions was “low-quality materials. According to presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov, this will damage “already ailing U.S.-Russian relations.