Trump said that Putin thinks about the report of Mueller’s “Russian intervention»

American President Donald Trump after a telephone conversation with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin said that the Russian head of state thinks about the report of special Prosecutor Robert Mueller on the so-called “Russian interference” in the US elections in 2016.

“We discussed this [Mueller’s report]. He said something like “the mountain gave birth to a mouse,” the head of the White House said in an interview. — He knew it because he knew there was no collusion, no matter what they said.”

At the same time, the American leader said that he had not talked to the Russian President about “Russia’s non-interference” in us elections in 2020. Currently, members of the trump administration, as well as his opponents warn of the danger of such interference. Mueller’s 448-page report was published in April after almost two years of work. “Investigation” involved 19 investigators, 40 FBI agents and other representatives of the intelligence community. “Collusion” trump with Russia, which a number of media wrote since 2016, has not been confirmed. American taxpayers Muller’s activities cost 35 million dollars.

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As stated by the first Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee Vladimir Zharov, in fact, Muller for several years engaged in the deception of Americans, because it is us taxpayers paid for the show of the Special Prosecutor.

A few days ago, the first Deputy Minister of justice and attorney General Rod Rosenstein sent a letter to Trump asking him to accept his resignation. This happened immediately after the Russian company “Concord” demanded to prosecute the patron of Rosenstein — William Barr, as well as the infamous Muller.

The Western press has already noted that the case of intervention is fabricated and is a kind of “witch hunt”. Moscow has repeatedly denied unfounded accusations because Russia adheres to the policy of non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries.

In early April, during the plenary session of the International Arctic forum, Putin used the phrase “mountain gave birth to a mouse” in response to a question from journalists about “Russian interference” in the American elections.

“The fact that he will finish as “mountain gave birth to a mouse”, it was clear in advance,” — said the Russian leader.

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The Russian head of state described everything that is happening in the United States on this occasion as nonsense, designed “exclusively for the domestic audience.”