Trump says Democrats and “false media” have misrepresented the “perfect conversation” with Green

Trump says Democrats and

Washington, September 27. U.S. President Donald Trump said that Democrats and “false media” misrepresented his conversation with the head of Ukraine Vladimir Zelinsky.

Trump called the conversation with the Ukrainian president “perfect.” He noted that representatives of the Democratic Party and the “false media” misrepresented him and exposed the conversation in a bad light. The US President stressed that the negotiations were not bad. In his words, they were “legitimate and very good.” “And the deceitful media and democrats, working in a team, tricked him into being exposed.”

Trump says Democrats and "false media" have misrepresented the "perfect conversation" with Green
The White House chief of staff also criticized House Speaker Adam Schiff, who read out the wrong version of the presidents’ conversation with the U.S. Congress and millions of people. Trump called Schiff a “sick man.”

“Adam Schiff lied to Congress and tried to deceive the American public,” the American president said. He’s been doing it for two years. I urge him to resign immediately from Congress on the basis of this fraud!”

Trump also noted that the “informant” of the media and Democrats was not a source to be trusted. He noted that his information was inaccurate.

“Democrats must now be known as the Party of Nothing!” he concluded. According to Trump’s political opponents, during telephone conversations with Green, he tried to persuade the President of Ukraine to launch an investigation into his son’s activities. former U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden in exchange for providing financial and military assistance to Kyiv. The information caused a major scandal in the United States.

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A transcript of the conversation was released in Washington. After reviewing the materials, the U.S. Department of Justice found no violations of national law, as well as reasons for the investigation. The President of Ukraine, in turn, was surprised by the publication of his words from a conversation with his American counterpart, as he did not give written consent to it.