Trump seeks revenge: Former U.S. president prepares “firing list” – media

Trump seeks revenge: Former U.S. president prepares

It has been less than 10 days since Donald Trump left Washington and secluded himself at his Mar-a-Lago residence in the resort town of Palm Beach, Florida. What the former U.S. president is doing now, it became known on Friday, January 29, writes the Israeli news portal Ynet.

First of all, Donald Trump announced the creation of a new structure, which aims to promote the political agenda of his administration. The American media write that the former president is developing a “revenge plan” for Republican politicians, his fellow party members, “who did not demonstrate sufficient loyalty during the period when he was trying to get the results of the election canceled” in 2020.

Trump, as we know, became the first U.S. president in 152 years to boycott the inauguration of his successor. He left the capital hours before Joe Biden’s inauguration ceremony and landed in Florida in the midst of the event. During his time in the White House, the tycoon politician often sought solitude in Florida, avoiding constant criticism and attacks in his native New York.

With the exception of a brief chat with reporters after landing in Palm Beach, the former head of state has yet to give an interview. He is reportedly spending time playing golf and making plans for the future.

On Monday, Jan. 24, Trump announced that he had opened his own office. His staff will handle everything from issuing press releases to coordinating attendance at various events related to Trump’s presidency. The former president said he would continue to work for the American people in the spirit of the policies he has pursued in recent years.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump has remained silent about his political plans. Despite the scandal surrounding the brief takeover of the Capitol on January 6 by supporters of the former president, the US Senate will apparently not give the green light to impeach the American leader who has already left the White House or bar him from running for president in the 2024 election. Before he left Washington, he stated significantly that he would return to the capital “in one capacity or another.

Some sources report that Trump intends to create a new party – as a counterweight to the Democrats and Republicans. According to political analysts, this is an attempt to pressure Republicans in the Senate to take his side in the impeachment hearings postponed until February. If Republicans do oppose Trump, he will announce the formation of a new party, seriously reducing their chances of returning to power in four years.

According to an opinion poll published last week on the website of the American magazine Politico, about 30 percent of Republican Party voters are willing to vote for Trump’s new political alliance. Given the current U.S. electoral college, which formally elects the country’s presidents after the popular vote of the citizens, this kind of electoral split could be a fatal blow for Republicans.

Trump, according to some experts, is planning his revenge on the Republican congressmen who did not support his demand to annul the election results which he still considers “rigged” or who, according to the ex-president, did not show enough loyalty to him.

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In the 2022 midterm elections, many U.S. lawmakers will have to fight again for their seats in both houses of Congress. Because of this, Trump may urge his many supporters to vote for rival incumbent congressmen in an attempt to destroy their political careers.

According to a recent poll published in The Washington Post, about 60 percent of Republican voters believe that Donald Trump should continue to lead the party after he resigns.

First on Trump’s upcoming “firing list” could be ten Republican congressmen who joined Democrats and voted to promote impeachment. Among them is Liz Cheney, daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney and now one of the most influential politicians in the Republican Party. And prominent Senator Marco Rubio of Florida is already under pressure from Trump’s inner circle. Rubio, whom Trump publicly humiliated during the 2016 primaries by calling his rival a “baby,” has recently been an unexpectedly active supporter of the former president. The other day, Rubio said the scheduled Senate hearings on the Capitol takeover were a waste of time and an attempt at retaliation against Trump by left-wing radicals. Rubio has every reason to fear for his Senate seat. Rumor has it that his rival in the 2022 midterm elections from Florida could be none other than Trump’s daughter, Ivanka.

Meanwhile, Trump’s consistent supporters can feel relatively safe politically. One of them, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who served as White House press secretary from 2017-2019, has announced her plans to run for governor of Arkansas. Trump was quick to announce his unconditional support for her candidacy.

Melania Trump, who, if the media is to be believed, felt very uncomfortable in the White House, is also getting used to her new life in Palm Beach. According to CNN, the former first lady, like her husband, plans to open her own office. It will involve people with whom she worked in Washington. Among the projects that Mrs. Trump intends to pay special attention to are those, she was involved in when she was the first lady: the national Be Best program to combat violence in society, as well as the so-called opioid crisis – the increase in deaths due to the uncontrolled use of opioid analgesics.

At one time Melania Trump was criticized for not devoting enough time to charitable and other projects, unlike her predecessors Michelle Obama and Laura Bush.

In the last period, there have been many rumors circulating about the very strained relationship between the Trump couple and even about a possible divorce. It was said that they preferred to use separate bedrooms. In the lens of television cameras often caught footage in which Melania Trump irritably rejected attempts by her husband to take her by the hand. So far, however, this is just a rumor, Ynet notes.