Trump suggested eliminating Bashar Assad

By | September 15, 2020
Trump suggested eliminating Bashar Assad

The American president told about the Syrian president’s proposal, but the plan was abandoned because of the complexity of implementation.
Several years ago, U.S. President Donald Trump advocated the liquidation of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad but eventually abandoned the idea, reports Tuesday. September 15, The Hill.

“I thought it was better to liquidate him. We were ready. But Mattis (former head of the Pentagon – ed.) was against it. Mattis is a highly overrated general,” Trump said.

He specified that the plan to eliminate Assad was developed in 2017.

Trump said he did not regret that it was never implemented, given that there were no guarantees for the success of the plan.

Recall that in 2018 the media reported on the order of Trump to eliminate Assad. According to them, the U.S. president was furious about reports of a chemical attack in the Syrian Duma and demanded from Mattis to “just kill” Assad. The head of the Pentagon allegedly promised to do it right away, but told his aides that they had to act “much more prudently”.

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