Trump supported Biden accused of harassment

Trump supported Biden accused of harassment

The American President remembered that he had a lot of false accusations. The same can wait for Biden during the election campaign, says trump.
The President of the United States Donald Trump stood up for his opponent in the presidential race Democrat Joe Biden, who was accused of assaulting his former assistant. The situation with the ex-Vice-President of the heads of the White House commented in an interview with Fox News.

“It’s a battle he’ll have to fight. I had a lot of false accusations. Maybe it’s a false accusation. Honestly, I hope this is the case. For him,” said trump.

We will remind, the former aide to Biden Tara Reid accused him of forcible acts of a sexual nature and gave a statement to the police. Reid claims that in 1993, Biden, who at that time was a Senator, in one of the corridors of the Capitol touched her without her permission. In March, Reid told reporters that he had allegedly been sexually abused by Biden. Biden himself denies all charges.

According to The Tribune, the judicial Declaration of 1996 confirms that Reid was talking about sexual harassment in the office politics.

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Former husband of the woman Theodore then Provided written judicial statement, in which he contested the restraining order, which Reid gave him a few days after he announced the divorce. In it, he writes that the ex-wife told him that he faced harassment in the office of Biden. In this document, there is no allegations against Sentara.

Provided also said that in the end, the woman made a deal with the head of the office of Senator and left his office. “Obviously, this event had a traumatic impact on her,” he added.

Informed against Biden already accused of inappropriate behavior by a few women.