Trump threatened prison Bolton because of the book

Trump threatened prison Bolton because of the book

The head of the White House said that he considers his former subordinate a criminal worthy of prison.

US President Donald Trump believes his ex-national security adviser, John Bolton, should go to jail due to the publication of a book on the work of the White House. He stated this in an interview with Fox News.

Trump also called Bolton “a stupid guy” and a “heartless guy.”

The head of the White House claims that the book, which includes numerous allegations of violations of the president’s actions, contains classified government information.

“I fired him. And I didn’t think it was a big deal. But what he did was that he took secret information and he published it during the presidency. I believe he is a criminal, and I believe honestly, he should go to jail for that, “said the American leader.

Note that excerpts from Bolton’s memoirs also indicate a bad attitude of Trump towards Ukraine after the outbreak of the impeachment scandal.

“I do not want to have absolutely anything to do with Ukraine … They, bl * attacked me. I can’t understand why … They tried to” fuck “me. They are corrupt. I, with them, bl *, will not have things, “Bolton quotes Trump in his book.

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In English, a direct quote sounds more abusive:

“I do not want to have any fucking thing to do with Ukraine … They fucking attacked me. A can not understand why … They tried to fuck me. They’re corrupt. I’m not fucking with them.”

In this case, the word “fuck” is used in the book as a whole 5 times, and the word “fucking” – 16 times.

On the eve of a court in Washington rejected a request from the White House administration to ban the publication of the book of ex-adviser Donald Trump John Bolton.

Trump has previously stated that the book of his ex-subordinate, entitled “The Room Where It Happened,” was compiled in a lie.