Trump threatens Moscow and Riyadh with duties if they do not reduce oil production

Trump threatens Moscow and Riyadh with duties if they do not reduce oil production

The US authorities have no plans to exert pressure on Russia or Saudi Arabia due to the situation on the oil market. However, such plans may appear if the United States is “unfairly treated”.
Such an ambiguous statement at a Washington briefing was made by US President Donald Trump. He explained that, if necessary, the introduction of duties could be an instrument of such pressure.

“Fees are a source of great income for our country … But as far as oil is concerned, no, now I am not doing it, whether I am thinking about introducing them now – no. But if they do not treat us fairly, then this, of course, is a tool, ”Trump said.
At the same time, he expressed confidence that Russia and Saudi Arabia would eventually come to an agreement on oil production without such “assistance” from Washington. The US president also said that we are not talking about the possible lifting of sanctions against Russia.

“No, everything is the same here,” he answered a clarifying question.
Trump is confident that the market will lead to the fact that Russia and Saudi Arabia will reduce production. In his opinion, countries have increased it so much that oil has become “cheaper than water”. The US President believes that both Russia and Saudi Arabia are suffering “incredibly badly” because of falling prices.
On April 3, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that Russia was ready for agreements to reduce oil production with other countries, including the United States. The Russian leader admitted that by joint efforts it will be possible to reduce global production by 10 million barrels per day.

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