Trump urged not to share secrets with British opposition leader

Trump urged not to share secrets with British opposition leader

If the head of the British Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn comes to power, will be able to pass on the information provided to London about the actions of Moscow and Tehran to the Russian and Iranian authorities. This is stated in the report of a former adviser to the US President Donald Trump, professor of military college of the U.S. Army Azim Ibrahim, which was reviewed by The Telegraph.

Ibrahim called on Trump to consider refusing to provide London with sensitive data if Corbyn takes over as British prime minister. He also advised the US president to advocate for reducing the UK’s role in NATO.

As The Telegraph points out, Corbyn can actively side with Russia, as well as block or obstruct actions that will seem hostile to Russian leader Vladimir Putin. A Labour spokesman said Corbyn would do his best to protect the people of the UK. Another party source said the report’s author, a representative of the U.S. Republican Party, wanted to keep Prime Minister Boris Johnson in power, who was compared to Trump’s poodle.

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In April last year, The Sunday Times published a joint investigation with Swansea University into Russia’s attempts to influence the OUTCOME of the UK election. According to journalists, support was provided to the Labour Party and its leader Corbyn. The Russian Embassy in the UK considered the publication of the newspaper unserious and absurd.

In June this year, there was a conflict between Trump and Corbyn during the US President’s visit to London. Corbyn made his claims to the American leader, after which he refused to meet him and called Corbyn a negative force.