Trump urges Europe to allocate more money to Ukraine

Trump urges Europe to allocate more money to Ukraine

America is ready to withhold aid to Ukraine until Europe does its part in the interests of Kyiv, Donald Trump said.
Financial assistance to Ukraine should primarily be provided by the EU countries, not the United States. This was said by US President Donald Trump upon his arrival at the UN headquarters in New York to participate in the General Assembly, TASS reported on Tuesday, September 24.

Trump has declared his readiness to withhold financial aid to Ukraine if the EU does not allocate more funds to it.”I would hold them again, and I will continue to keep them until Europe and other countries do their part in the interests of Ukraine,” he said.

Commenting on reports that he had ordered a temporary blocking of the allocation of military aid to Ukraine, the American leader said: “As for the retention of money, they were fully paid.”

Trump reminded that the U.S. provides Ukraine with the bulk of the funds.

“And I ask, why is this happening?” the American leader added.

Earlier on Tuesday, the media reported that Donald Trump asked the head of the administrative and budget office, Mick Mulvaney, to suspend payments of military aid to Ukraine about a week before the call to President Vladimir Zelensky on July 25.

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The day before, Trump disclosed the contents of the conversation with Greensky. The U.S. leader acknowledged that during a telephone conversation with Greensky discussed corruption and mentioned Biden in this context.

Recall, Joe Biden called on Trump to publish a transcript of the conversation with Green. But U.S. Secretary of State Michael Pompeo said the contents of the phone conversation between Trump and Green skin are strictly confidential, so the State Department will not publish his transcript.