Trump wanted. How Iran Trolls USA

By | June 30, 2020
Trump wanted. How Iran Trolls USA

Iranian authorities sanctioned the arrest of US President Donald Trump and another 35 people, accusing them of involvement in the assassination of General Kassem Suleimani.
After the assassination of the Iranian military leader Kassem Suleimani in early 2020, humanity was on the verge of a new world war. On a tangent touched even Ukraine – the Iranians shot down the UIA plane, mistaking it for a military facility.

Now, Tehran, trying to get satisfaction for the murder of an influential general, announces the announcement of Donald Trump on the international wanted list.

Trump did not hide

The American president never hid that he personally ordered the liquidation of Suleimani. Iran’s chief military strategist and architect of foreign policy, Suleymani, was killed by an American missile in Baghdad on January 3. Trump ordered the action, calling the general “the number one terrorist in the world,” accusing him of planning attacks by Iranian-backed militants on US troops in the Middle East.

Iran then promised to brutally avenge the death of its commander. He stepped out of the 2015 nuclear deal and fired on US military bases in Iraq. In response, the United States launched several airstrikes on Iranian military installations.

Now Iran officially accuses Trump and another 35 people are accused of murder and terrorism. For all, Iran issued an arrest warrant and declared red status at Interpol, which means the highest danger.

But Interpol does not take into account requests of this kind, its representative told AFP, not confirming whether the Iranian side addressed them at all. The organization’s charter prohibits it from interfering with a “political, military, religious or racist” nature.

US answer

Iran’s deputy foreign minister, Mohsen Baharwand, said the country’s judicial system will soon be an indictment of the people behind the attack on Suleymani. He noted that prosecutors hope to identify drone operators who fired at the general, Isna reported.

“Iran will not stop its efforts in bringing these people to justice,” he said.

The U.S. representative for Iran, Brian Hook, said at a press conference in Saudi Arabia that the arrest warrant has political and propaganda motives.

“We came to the conclusion that Interpol does not make red marks if politics is involved. And this is a political case. It is not connected with state security, international peace, or support for stability … this is a propaganda trick that no one takes seriously.” , – he said.

What to expect next

Issuing an arrest warrant is hardly anything more than a symbolic gesture. But this once again demonstrates the depth of hostility that the Iranian leadership is experiencing to Trump.

According to The Washington Post, “Trump’s approach to Iran loses the chance of success.” As for the details of the operation to liquidate Suleymani, then, as the former adviser to the US president on national security John Bolton writes in his sensational memoirs, “they can only be revealed in 15-20 years”

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