Trump wants to get approval for COVID drugs.

By | October 9, 2020
On your example. Trump wants to get approval for COVID drugs.

U.S. President Donald Trump intends to achieve widespread distribution of drugs that he was treated for COVID, reports Reuters.
The American leader on Monday checked out of the hospital after three days of hospitalization. Doctors said on Wednesday Trump no longer has symptoms of COVID-19 and antibodies have been identified. However, the doctors did not release the president’s vital signs as they had done before during his treatment.

Now Trump intends to obtain approval of the antibody-drug from Regeneron and the drug from Eli Lilly and Co and its delivery to hospitals.
He said he may not have recovered without the medication.
Trump’s attending physician stated that the president could return to public events already on October 10. The US presidential election will be held on November 3. Pre-election debates were held on September 29.