Trump wins election race on European betting exchange

By | September 2, 2020
Trump wins election race on European betting exchange

Trump overtakes Biden in Betfair stock trading

U.S. President Donald Trump overtook his Democratic rival, Joe Biden, to become the favorite of the pre-election race on the European Betfair Betting Exchange, the exchange reported on Wednesday.

According to Betfair, based on a comparative analysis of the bets made, Trump’s odds are rated as equal, and Biden’s numbers are 21 to 20.

The exchange reported that four bets worth more than 10,000 pounds ($13,362) were placed on the platform overnight, three of which were made on Trump, and over the weekend the biggest bet of the current campaign was 50,000 pounds.

Those bets helped Trump emerge as leaders, though earlier this week he and Biden were level.

“In August, Trump had the worst chance of re-election of any sitting president in history, and Biden’s victory looked increasingly likely,” Betfair spokesman Darren Hughes said.

A National Reuters/Ipsos poll on Wednesday showed Trump supported by 40 percent of registered voters and Biden 47 percent.

Biden’s break has remained virtually unchanged over the past three weeks, during which both sides held conventions to formally nominate their nominees.

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