Trump’s impeachment fails

By | February 5, 2020
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Senate votes against calling witnesses
On January 31, a vote on a summons to the Senate for witnesses in the impeachment case failed. Among the 53 Republicans in the upper house of the U.S. Parliament, there were not enough of those who would side with Democratic rivals. The last to win had to get 51 votes out of 100, and to do this – to lure on his side four members of the ruling party. In the end, however, only two Republicans, Mitt Romney, and Susan Collins supported the Democrats, and the vote ended 51-49 in favor of Trump supporters. Without witnesses, the impeachment of the current president could not have gone further, and therefore ended sooner than it could.

Supporters of the witness call had hoped that Republicans who had previously opposed the head of state would support their proposal. But even Tennessee Sen. Lamar Alexander, known for his dislike of Trump, has denied Democrats support on the issue. According to him, “no more evidence is needed for what has already been proven and does not correspond to the high bar of the crime required for impeachment.”

Senators wanted to hear Bolton’s testimony
Democrats and many of their opponents were most interested in hearing testimony from former Trump national security aide John Bolton. This, in particular, is connected with the publication in the press excerpts from his book, which told how the American leader blackmailed Ukraine. It was because of this that it was not clear how the senators would vote on the issue of witness call.

Bolton said in early January that he was ready to testify in the Senate, although earlier, at a hearing led by Democrats in the House of Representatives, he refused to do so.
House of Representatives previously voted to impeach Trump
On December 19, 2019, an impeachment vote was held in the lower house of the Democratic-controlled U.S. Parliament. 230 legislators voted in favor of the resolution, 197 people voted against it. After that, a group of seven congressmen was formed in the House, who acted as observers at the Senate process.

House Speaker, Democrat Nancy Pelosi, has said in advance that it is wrong to call an excuse the end of impeachment proceedings wrong. “You cannot be acquitted if you have not been sentenced. And there can be no trial without witnesses and documentation,” she said.

The reason for the impeachment was a conversation with the Greens
The strange dialogue between the American leader and the President of Ukraine became known in September – one of the American intelligence officers expressed concern about the incident. Then the details became known: the head of state allegedly promised to send $250 million in aid to Ukraine only if Vladimir Greensky resumes the investigation against Hunter Biden – the son of former U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden. Biden Sr. was seen as a key opponent of Trump in the 2020 presidential election.

The American leader is sure that Joseph and Hunter Biden were involved in corruption schemes in Ukraine and that during his work under Barack Obama his rival abused power in order to cover up illegal cases. In particular, it was reported that Biden Sr. demanded the dismissal of the Ukrainian Attorney General Viktor Shokin, who investigated the activities of the gas company Burisma Holdings, whose board of directors was sitting his son. However, it was Trump who was accused of creating a secret communication channel to pressure the Ukrainian state for personal interests.

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