Turkey approves emergency use of Sinovac vaccine

Turkey approves emergency use of Sinovac vaccine

Vaccination of health workers in the country will begin on January 14. The head of the Ministry of Health has already been vaccinated against coronavirus.
In Turkey, the Pharmaceutical and Medical Equipment Agency has authorized the emergency use of the CoronaVac COVID vaccine from Chinese manufacturer Sinovac Biotech. This was reported by Anadolu on Wednesday, January 13.

In doing so, Turkish Health Ministry head Fahrettin Koça was vaccinated with the CoronaVac coronavirus vaccine, NTV aired this.

“Starting tomorrow, the vaccination of health care workers begins across the country. Our citizens will be able to watch the vaccination program online,” Koja said.

Earlier, the media reported that the effectiveness of the Sinovac vaccine is less than 60%. Previously, Ukraine said that the money for the Sinovac vaccine will be refunded if it fails to pass registration in Ukraine or has less than 70% efficacy.

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