Turkey declared Macron’s “clouding of reason”

By | June 23, 2020
Turkey declared Macron's

The Turkish Foreign Ministry reacted sharply to the words of French President Emanuel Macron, who said that Turkey is playing a “dangerous game”, supporting the Libyan National Accord Government (PNS). The statement was considered “clouding of reason” by Macron, reports Anadolu.
Turkish Foreign Ministry spokesman Hami Aksoy said France is directly responsible for the chaos in Libya, as Paris has been supporting illegal groups for years. According to him, Turkey supports the PNS on the basis of a UN resolution and the requirements of the legitimate authorities of this country, and Macron is trying to hide the true situation in the north of Africa with “unfounded accusations”.
“Unfortunately, it has long been clear that Paris is not able to give an objective and impartial assessment of events. The French authorities simply do not want to make an objective assessment, and this is the worst of all, ”said Aksoy.
The representative of the Foreign Ministry also said that France has no right to make any decisions on the situation in Libya since the country does not have access to the Eastern Mediterranean.
Earlier in June, it became known about the incident between the warships of Turkey and France in Libya. Paris said the Ankara frigate was chasing a French ship off the Libyan border, supposedly disguising its identification number and refusing to tell where it was heading. In Turkey, it was refuted. In turn, French President Emmanuel Macron said that what happened between the ships proves the death of NATO’s brain, explaining that Turkey is not compatible with the status of the alliance.

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