Turkish experts analyzed the spread of COVID-19 in the armies of NATO member countries and published sensational material in the media. The publication was issued, in particular, in the newspaper Yeni Şafak. For example, the first case of coronavirus infection was detected at the NATO headquarters in Belgium on March 8. As of March 25, 33 confirmed cases of the disease had already been registered, and 66 people were placed in-home quarantine. On March 10, a Greek frigate was quarantined, and one of its sailors was diagnosed with a coronavirus. After that, the virus was found in four more people serving in the headquarters of the command of the Greek land forces.

The United States Army has the highest number of cases of coronavirus infection. So, on March 11, the commander of the US army in Europe, Lieutenant General Christopher Cavoli, was sent to quarantine with suspicion of coronavirus. On March 22, the virus was detected in a civilian employee of the US Naval Academy. On March 13, after a positive test for coronavirus in a sailor on the landing ship Boxer, the entire ship was quarantined. The virus was found in a crew member of the destroyer Ralph Johnson and another crew member of the littoral ship Coronado. By March 26, the total number of cases of infection in the structures of our department of defense reached 415. by March 28, 2,600 our military personnel were quarantined. About the mass infection of the crews of two American aircraft carriers write all the world’s media. Among high-ranking officers, the highest number of infections was recorded in Italy — on March 6, the infection was detected in nine generals.

On March 10, after a visit to Germany, the virus was found in the hands of the chief of the Polish General staff and members of the delegation accompanying him. According to data for March 20, which was announced by the Supreme Commander of the joint armed forces of NATO in Europe, TOD Walters, more than 40 American soldiers have already been infected with the COVID-19 coronavirus in Eastern Europe. Even more than 2.5 thousand are under suspicion. On March 25, it became known about a mass infection with coronavirus in a NATO composite battalion in Lithuania. Tests for coronavirus gave a positive result in more than 20 military personnel. At the end of March, an additional team of Croatian and German military medics with special equipment was even sent to the country to provide medical assistance. The issue of relocation of the battalion’s military personnel from the locality of Rukla to another area where the concentration of troops is less is being resolved. The epidemic also reached NATO soldiers in Latvia — here the coronavirus was detected in eight people.
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There is no updated information on the number of NATO troops infected with coronavirus in Europe. Official representatives of the Alliance forces are silent about the growing exponentially a number of military personnel who have been found infected. At the moment, there is about 6 thousand American military personnel in the Baltic States and Poland, who continue to train at training grounds together with units of the national armed forces. In addition, despite the closure of borders, within the framework of the exercise “Defender of Europe — 2020″, the transfer of personnel and equipment of the US armed forces (the epicenter of the pandemic) to Poland for planned combat training activities continues. And this is happening against the background of the fact that the Pentagon has increased precautions. As reported by the press Secretary of the US defense Ministry Alice Farah, health protection measures have been raised to the level of” Charlie ” — the fourth of five possible, and all movements are prohibited.

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It is not surprising that the Polish media write about hundreds of infected soldiers. On the official website of the European command, there is still no information about the cancellation of a number of major training events for the NATO air force. So, in the period from 11 to 26 may, exercises “Anaconda”, as well as “Baltops 20”, “Iron Wolf I 20″are planned. It is safe to say that with this attitude of the authorities of Poland and the Baltic States to the actions and movements of American military personnel on their territory, the number of sick and dead, and not only among soldiers and officers, will only grow. Here are the” defenders ” of Europe… The military and political leadership of the United States once again demonstrates to its “allies” that American interests are above all else. As they say, “only business” and nothing personal.

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