Turkey overcomes peak coronavirus

Turkey overcomes peak coronavirus

The country has the lowest mortality rate from COVID throughout Europe. 6% of infected people are doctors.

Turkey has passed the peak of the coronavirus epidemic, which was curled up at the country’s Ministry of Health, Milliyet writes.

Moreover, in the country, the number of deaths from COVID is the lowest in Europe.

“The mortality rate from coronavirus in Turkey is the lowest in Europe. The peak of the pandemic in the country has passed. Subject to restrictive measures, the growth of patients is not expected until the end of May,” said the head of the Ministry of Health of Turkey Fakhrettin Koja.

According to the minister, about 60% of infected people live in Istanbul, and the great success of the authorities is that they managed to curb the spread of coronavirus in the 20 millionth metropolis. At the same time, about 6% of the infected in the country are health workers.

The first case of COVID-19 Turkey was reported on March 10. Already on April 24, the number of infected exceeded 100 thousand.

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In addition, Turkish President Recep Erdogan announced a curfew in the country for the May holidays.

Turkey previously simplified restrictive measures for international trucking. Drivers who do not have COVID-19 symptoms may carry out transportation without 14 days of quarantine.

Also recently, the country said that despite the pandemic they are going to open the tourist season at the end of May.

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