Turkey responds to deaths with military strikes in Syria

Turkey responds to deaths with military strikes in Syria

Turkey responded to the Syrian government forces’ shelling of its military in the Idlib area.
The Turkish Defense Ministry announced the “neutralization” of 76 Syrian soldiers in response to the shelling of its military in Idlib. This was announced on Monday, February 3, by Turkish Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar, NTV reported.

The strikes targeted 54 targets of the regime. According to information received from various sources, 76 members of the regime have been neutralized so far,” the minister said.

In turn, in Damascus, Turkey’s actions in Idlib province were called a flagrant violation of the agreements concluded at the talks earlier. This statement was made by the Deputy Foreign Minister of Syria Faisal Miqdad, the newspaper al-Watan writes.

“We condemn any violation of the Adana Agreement, the Turkish regime does not adhere to it. This agreement does not allow the invasion of Syrian territory in this way,” Miqdad said, commenting on Turkey’s sending of troops to Syria.

He noted that Turkey’s intentions to “occupy, colonize and interfere in Syria’s internal affairs” are “a flagrant violation of the Astana track, the Sochi agreements and all the agreements of the countries at the end of the Syrian conflict.”

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According to Miqdad, The armed groups of Idlib are coordinating with Turkey, Ankara needs to stop its actions, which will negatively affect Turkey itself.
The day before, it was reported that a large Turkish military convoy had crossed the border into Syria and entered Idlib province. The convoy consisted of several dozen armored vehicles, including tanks.

Last week, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan accused Russia of ignoring existing agreements on Syria. He said his country would act independently until a new military operation was launched unless Moscow renegotiated its cooperation with the Assad regime.

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