Turkey threatens retaliation for Haftar forces in Libya

Turkey threatens retaliation for Haftar forces in Libya

Ankara supports the government of national accord in Tripoli, which is trying to overthrow the forces of General Haftar

Turkey threatened with harsh retaliation if forces loyal to Libyan general Khalifa Haftar would strike Turkish interests or its diplomatic missions in Tripoli or elsewhere.

Haftar, who created an alternative government in eastern Libya, is trying to overthrow by force the internationally recognized government led by Prime Minister Faiz Saraj.

“If our missions and our interests in Libya come under attack, we will consider Haftar’s forces to be acceptable goals,” the Turkish Foreign Ministry said on Sunday.

Turkey said that the area where its embassy in Tripoli is located was subjected to shelling last week. Haftar forces deny their responsibility.

However, Turkey sharply criticizes the UN for the fact that the organization, according to Ankara, is unable to take measures against Haftar.

“You can no longer tolerate the UN to remain silent about this massacre. The countries providing military, financial and political assistance to Haftar are responsible for the suffering of the Libyan people, for the chaos and instability that the country is drawn into, ”the Turkish Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

Turkey supports the government in Tripoli, trying to defend itself against Haftar’s attempts to seize the capital, which has been going on for a year.

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As a result of the shelling of Tripoli and its environs, six people were killed last weekend, several dozen were injured.

Residents of the capital called the fighting one of the most fierce in recent months. The only functioning airport in the country has suffered great damage, and some areas in northern Libya run the risk of being left without water after armed men seized a power station owned by the water authority.

The Sharjah Government of National Accord manages to counter the Haftar forces, which enjoy the support of Egypt, Russia, and the UAE.

Earlier this year, the EU called on the countries of the world to stop supplying arms and intervene in the situation in Libya so that the peace talks continue, but these calls have nowhere led to anything.