Turkey transferred part of Russian S-400 "Trumf" to USA

Turkey transferred part of Russian S-400 “Trumf” to USA

As you probably remember, last year the Russian Federation has sold to the Republic of Turkey a few battalions of the newest system s-400 “Triumph”. The move provoked a strong reaction in the United States. In this regard, President Donald Trump visited Ankara, where during the negotiations with his Turkish colleague tried to convince him to abandon such a transaction. However, Erdogan did not go for it, with the result that the United States refused to export to Turkey the F-35 and it was a strong move because these aircraft were planned to equip now under construction at Turkish shipyards aircraft carrier, which will become the flagship of the Turkish Navy.

Despite the fact that the official Ankara has not abandoned the use of Russian air defense system, there is information that Turkey has transferred some of these devices in the US and such an act cannot be called friendly, and if you call a spade a spade, it is a betrayal. Because now the American experts have the opportunity to get acquainted with the device of the anti-missile system and find a way to counter him.
Russian S-400
In this situation, encouraged by only one thing, namely, that so far Turkey and the United States was the rat race in Russia created a new modification of the s-500 and now even if our military will deal with the filling of s-400, this information will not be relevant. In any case, this act fully described the President of Turkey as an unreliable partner and ally.

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Write in the comments whether you agree with what our military has no sense to study the structure of the s-400 since this anti-aircraft system is not the best Russia can provide more modern developments in this field.

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