Turkish General Erdogan died in Idlib, Syria.

By | September 9, 2020
Turkish General Erdogan died in Idlib, Syria.

General of Turkish Armed Forces Sezgin Erdogan died in Idlib de-escalation zone in north-western Syria while performing his duties, state news agency Anadolu reported today, September 9, citing information from the country’s military department.

The Turkish Defense Ministry explained that the general’s condition in the zone of cross-border operation had sharply worsened and he was taken to one of the local hospitals. However, despite the doctors’ efforts, the high-ranking officer’s life was not saved.

According to media reports, the general died of a heart attack.

Erdogan’s coffin and body were taken to the Turkish province of Hatay, which borders on Idlib, Syria, where a farewell ceremony for the general was held earlier Wednesday.

Sezgin Erdogan’s burial will take place in his home province Canakkale.

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