Turkish hotels will operate with restrictions due to coronavirus

Turkish hotels will operate with restrictions due to coronavirus

Hotels are filled to 60%, and the tourists will measure the temperature and issue protective masks.

In Turkey, the hotels will adhere to the number of restrictions due to coronavirus. About this newspaper Daily Sabah on Wednesday, May 6.

“In accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of culture and tourism of Turkey, hotels this summer can be filled to a maximum of 60%. When the tourists check will measure the temperature and give them masks. The hotels will be equipped with a quarantine area where to send residents with suspected COVID-19”, – says the publication.

It is also noted that door handles and other surfaces in the hotels will be regularly disinfected, and the rooms after checkout, the guest will be empty within 12 hours.

In the areas of foods will be covered with a protective glass panel in case of cough and sneeze, someone from the hotel. Between the tables will be observed the distance of half a meter, and the number of people in the dining halls will be limited. Gonna disappear for a while the machine and other vending machines, which are massively used by the guests.

Social distance will be observed on the beaches. The level of chlorine in swimming pools will be maintained at a significant level. SPA-centers and fitness rooms for the season will be closed.

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In turn, the head of the Ministry of the health of Turkey Fahrettin Koca said that the country passed the first stage of the fight against coronavirus.

“Our country has completed the first phase in the fight against coronavirus. We are now in the first days of the second stage, and a guarantee of our success is the manner [of precaution],” said the Minister.

Koca said that “Turkey was able to take control of the pandemic”, but “the threat of the coronavirus will not disappear until, until you recover the last patient.”

Earlier it was reported that hotels in Turkey do not intend to cancel the buffet. The media misinterpreted the words of the Turkish Minister, said the head of the Federation of hoteliers of the country.

Recall that Turkey has overcome the peak of coronavirus. In the country the lowest rate of mortality from COVID throughout Europe. 6% of infected physicians.