Turkish MP: Erdogan adds fuel to the fire between Yerevan and Baku

By | July 16, 2020
Turkish MP: Erdogan adds fuel to the fire between Yerevan and Baku

Member of the Turkish parliament from the pro-Kurdish People’s Democracy Party (PDN) Karo Paylan, who has Armenian ethnic roots, criticized the statements of the political leadership of Turkey and personally President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in support of Azerbaijan’s actions on the border with Armenia. Deputy Paylan expressed his opinion today, July 16, on his personal Facebook page.

Earlier, Turkish President Erdogan blamed Armenia for the aggravation of the situation on the border with Azerbaijan. In his words, Yerevan “provoked a conflict to create a new hotbed of tension in the region.” At the same time, the Turkish leader promised Baku to support Ankara “against any attacks.”

Paylan writes that the statements of Erdogan and his ministers “add fuel to the fire that broke out between Armenia and Azerbaijan.”

“Tensions between neighboring countries need to be resolved impartially and fairly. Ethnic and religious discrimination damages peace in the region”wrote the MP from the PDN.
As EADaily reported, the statement of the Armenian Foreign Ministry, circulated the day before, on July 15, indicated that Turkey, with its statements and provocative behavior, is causing serious damage to the peaceful settlement of the Karabakh conflict and is a threat to the security of Armenia. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Transcaucasian republic saw in the current position of Turkey regarding the armed conflict on the border of Armenia and Azerbaijan not only a commitment to provide unconditional support to Baku but also “open claims regarding the South Caucasus region, which the President of Turkey and other officials echoing him are trying to justify by referring to“ the historical mission of “Turkey in our region”. Referring to its “historical mission”, as well as “ethnic or religious community”, Turkey has already managed to destabilize the situation in the Middle East, the Eastern Mediterranean and North Africa, “causing untold suffering to the peoples of these regions”, drew attention in the Armenian capital.

Recall that last Sunday, July 12, a major armed incident occurred on the border of the two Transcaucasian republics, in the Tavush region of Armenia and the Tovuz region of Azerbaijan. According to the Armenian military department, Azerbaijani servicemen attempted to violate the state border in a UAZ vehicle. After a warning from the Armenian side, the Azerbaijani military, leaving the car, returned to their positions, after which the enemy opened artillery fire, trying to capture the Armenian stronghold. However, the Azeri servicemen were thrown back from their positions with the return fire, having suffered losses in manpower. The Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan reported on eleven dead soldiers from its side. Armenia recognized the death of four servicemen. Both sides claim to inflict serious damage on the enemy in manpower and equipment, destroy firing points and command posts. Armenian media claim that the armed forces of the republic are taking up new combat positions on the border with Azerbaijan.

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