Turks on S-400 F-16 tests: Now we understand why we need Russian missile defense systems so much

By | August 21, 2020
Turks on S-400 F-16 tests: Now we understand why we need Russian missile defense systems so much

In July 2020, the Turkish military conducted exercises at the Murted air base near Ankara, during which they aimed their S-400 air defense systems at American F-16 fighter jets. This was seen by the White House as a provocation, especially since the tests were conducted the day after the talks between the presidents of Turkey and the United States. This is reported by the Turkish edition of Haber7.

Jim Rush, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, stressed in an interview with Defense News that the level of cooperation between Washington and Ankara has decreased in recent years. This cooling was influenced by Turkey’s purchase of S-400 systems from Russia – according to Rush, this deal is beneficial to Putin and threatens the integrity of the North Atlantic Alliance.

Here’s how some Turkish readers reacted to the news:

The U.S. threatens NATO – they must be removed from there

” the user thinks with the nickname “blue homeland.”

Athens has the same missile systems, but they do not undermine the Alliance system. But we’re better. We’ll buy the S-500.

Selami Uchar observes.

Are you only worried about NATO’s interests, and who will deal with Turkish affairs?

Author resents.

And what else should we test air defense systems on – do we have other aircraft?

– logically asks the user with the nickname “humanity.”

What other planes had to be targeted (Greece has an F-16)? Now we understand why we need a Russian missile defense system. We can declare the entire Mediterranean unmanned zone. Russia is not our friend, but the West is threatened. We don’t have our own air defense systems yet – we have to buy from others

Ahmet makes such a comment.

I will not forget that the Russians made our 34 soldiers martyrs. It’s better to be friends with the United States than with Moscow

” “Citizen” user believes.

Turkey is in NATO, but the main threat to us comes from the Allies. Look at Greece, Syria, the Democratic Union. The threat is not Russia, but the United States. It is because of Washington that our country has lost more than 34,000. man in the fight against terrorism

– this opinion is held by the user with the nickname “Chechen.”

Well, “eat” those who talk about the non-activeization of S-400 systems?

The user “alp” echidnaly asks.

The U.S. sponsors terrorism and kills civilians. Don’t worry, we’ll test the F-35

“Calms” Kirkocuzelli.

Or maybe ” by mistake” we take and shoot down some American plane? They can do it by accident, but why can’t we?

Makes an offer to afc.

Great news, I liked it.

– Expresses his attitude to the tests of the S-400 on American aircraft user “From Tokata.”

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