Turns out impeachment has done more damage to Donald Trump than we thought

Turns out impeachment has done more damage to Donald Trump than we thought

House Democrats had no choice but to impeach Donald Trump. He’s plainly guilty of serious crimes against the United States, so not only was impeachment the right thing to do, but it was also necessary in order to keep the Democratic base from revolting. The question wasn’t whether the Republican Senate was going to dishonestly acquit Trump. The question was what impact it would all end up having on Trump’s 2020 prospects.

Leading up to the televised House impeachment hearings, various polls showed that as many as half of Americans wanted Trump impeached. Those numbers didn’t seem to climb while the televised hearings were going on. Now that the House hearings are all but over, the media has become obsessed with focusing on the upcoming Senate impeachment trial and pushing the narrative that acquittal will somehow help Trump’s polling numbers. But the polls themselves just don’t see it that way.

Fox News released a new poll today showing that 54% of Americans want Trump impeached, while 50% of Americans want Trump impeached and removed. This shows that the public is not suddenly turning against impeachment just because the media is insisting that the public is turning against impeachment. When you consider that Trump’s 2020 poll numbers are so awful that he’s not even currently in contention, he needs the impeachment process to somehow magically gain him new 2020 votes – and it just isn’t happening.

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Donald Trump seemed particularly agitated by the new polling, insisting on Twitter that Fox News polling is “always inaccurate” and “ridiculous” while insisting that Fox should “get a new pollster!” It’s a reminder that whenever bad news surfaces for Trump, instead of trying to do something to improve his prospects, Trump just delusionally pretends it’s fake news. Even Fox News is acknowledging that he’s in trouble.

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