Twitter blocked the edited video shared by Trump

Twitter blocked the edited video shared by Trump

The social network Twitter has closed access to a video edited for CNN, which was shared by US President Donald Trump on his microblog due to a complaint from the copyright holder.
The video shared by the president looks like a fragment of a CNN broadcast. It shows how a dark-skinned baby runs away from white. The fragment is accompanied by the captions: “A frightened baby runs away from a racist child.” Further, the authors of the video accuse the “fake” media of disseminating false information and show “how it really was.” Previously, Twitter marked this video as a “specially crafted media file” and added to it the information that the video was “edited and mounted with CNN’s fake captions.”
Twitter blocked the edited video shared by Trump
Now when you try to play this video, Twitter shows a message: “This media file has been blocked due to a copyright complaint.”
Earlier, Trump signed a decree that aims to remove protection from claims on content editing from social networks. The microblogging service Twitter called this decree “reactionary and politically engaged.” In a statement, Twitter refers to section 230 of the 1996 Telecommunications Decency Act, which ensures that an online computer service provider cannot be considered a publisher or an independent source of information provided by a third party.

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Trump allowed a complete breakdown in relations with China
The reason for the appearance of the mentioned document was the conflict of trump with Twitter. Earlier, the Twitter social network designated one of Trump’s messages as containing a lie and placed a warning icon under it with a link to an article saying that the president had lied. Trump in response threatened to strictly regulate or completely “shut down” social networks if they continued to drown out the voices of conservatives. Social networks claim that they do not suppress anyone’s points of view, although they remove or block content that is contrary to their rules.