Twitter blocks Trump tweets

Twitter blocks Trump tweets

The company did not remove the tweet of the President but limited the opportunity to interact with him.
Administration Twitter “freeze” President of the United States Donald Trump about the situation in Minneapolis. Other users can retweet with a comment, but will not be able to mark a message as any trump, to answer it or to make it a regular retweet. On Friday, May 29, the press service of Twitter explained the reason.

In the administration of the company explained that the message of the trump of the riots in Minneapolis violates the company rules that prohibit the justification of violence because it can provoke the protesters into illegal activities.

“This tweet violates our policy against the glorification of violence due to the historical context of the last line, its relation to violence and risk that it will inspire similar actions today,” reads the official Twitter page.
The administration of the social network did not close access to the record of trump, as it “may constitute a subject of public interest.”

On Thursday evening, trump commented in his Twitter the situation with the riots in Minneapolis, noting that he intends to take matters into their own hands if the mayor Jacob Frey will not be able to stop the riots, which began after the death of an African-American.

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“These thugs desecrate the memory of George Floyd and I will not allow such to happen. I just spoke with Governor Tim Waltham and told him that the military at his disposal. In case of any difficulties we will take control, but when you start looting and shooting starts,” wrote trump.

Apparently the mention of the shooting was the cause of sanctions against the message of the President.

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