The Twitter company is concerned about the actions of the Russian authorities

The Twitter company is concerned about the actions of the Russian authorities

Roskomnadzor announced a “slowdown” in the work of “Twitter” in Russia and threatened to completely block the Internet platform

Twitter, which operates the social networking site of the same name, released a statement Wednesday expressing concern about the Russian authorities’ actions that encroach on free speech, Reuters reported. This happened after Roskomnadzor officially announced the slowdown of the platform in Russia due to the fact that Twitter, according to the department, does not respond to requests from the Russian regulator to remove “illegal content”.

“We have received reports that Twitter’s work in Russia is deliberately slowing down overall and indiscriminately due to perceived concerns about the removal of content,” the company said in a statement. The company expressed deep concern about the actions of the Russian authorities and did not agree with Roskomnadzor’s claims that Twitter allegedly allows its platform to be used to promote illegal behavior.

“We continue to advocate for an open Internet worldwide and are deeply concerned about growing efforts to block and restrict public discussion on the Internet,” a company spokesman said in a statement sent to Reuters. The company added that Twitter has a zero-tolerance policy regarding the sexual exploitation of children, the encouragement of suicide and self-harm, and any other illegal activity, including the purchase and sale of drugs.

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The Russian Internet regulator said on Wednesday that Twitter’s work in Russia will be deliberately slowed down starting March 10, as the company refuses to comply with Roskomnadzor’s requirements to remove “illegal content.” Roskomnadzor threatened to completely block the work of the American Internet platform if it does not fulfill Moscow’s demands to remove the content.

The regulator accused Twitter of unwillingness to delete messages containing child pornography, information about drug use and calls to commit suicide. Previously, the Russian authorities accused Twitter and other Internet platforms of refusing to delete messages that, according to Moscow, contained illegal calls on children to participate in anti-Kremlin protests.