Twitter launched a global hunt for all of Donald Trump's accounts | TOP-NEWS
Twitter launched a global hunt for all of Donald Trump's accounts

Twitter launched a global hunt for all of Donald Trump’s accounts

Media: Twitter will restrict access to any account used by Trump
A representative of the social network said that its administration will restrict the functions and the official account of the U.S. president if Donald Trump begins to use it

The administration of Twitter will take measures against any account on the social network if it will be used by the current U.S. leader Donald Trump, this also applies to the official account of the U.S. president. This was reported on Friday by the portal Axios, citing a representative of the social network. Earlier in the day, the Twitter administration announced that it had permanently closed access to the personal account of Trump due to his violation of the rules, as well as due to concerns that he may try to provoke violence. A spokeswoman for the social network told Axios that its administration would limit the functions of the U.S. president’s official account as well if Trump started using it. So far, Trump has written for the most part on a personal account. He had 80 million followers.

If Trump starts using any other Twitter account, it will be blocked, a spokesman for the social network specified. Its administration plans to transfer control over the official accounts of the U.S. president and the White House to Democrat Joseph Biden after his inauguration. It is scheduled for Jan. 20.

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On Wednesday, Trump was barred from tweeting for at least 12 hours because of violations. The administration of the social network then specified that in case of repeated violations, the account will be blocked completely. Earlier in the day, Trump supporters stormed the building of the legislature to prevent the approval of the results of the November 3 presidential election, which was won by Biden. Calls for Trump’s impeachment have been heard in the U.S., among other things.

According to the authorities, during the riots in Washington, a demonstrator was shot and killed by police. In addition, it was reported that there were recorded unrelated deaths of three other people, which were classified as a medical emergency. A Capitol Police officer also died after the clashes.

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