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Donald Trump’s ban from the social media platform Twitter is going to stick even if he runs for the White House again

Twitter says Trump ban is permanent – even if he runs for office again

Microblogging service Twitter will not give Donald Trump access to its platform even if the former president runs again or wins a future presidential election, a company spokesman told CNBC on Wednesday.
“Our policy is that if you’re removed from the platform, you’re removed from the platform whether you’re a commentator, CFO, former or current politician,” Twitter Vice President of Finance Ned Segal said in response to a question about whether Trump could return to the social network if he runs for or is elected to a new presidential term.
Segal stressed that Twitter’s rules aim to ensure that users of the social network “don’t call for violence.” “And if someone does that, they will be deleted and our rules do not allow them to come back,” the spokesperson explained, stressing that because Trump was denied access to the social network as president, he would not be able to return to it even if he were to hold public office again.

Twitter in early January “permanently” blocked Trump’s access to its platform after his supporters seized the Capitol. The company had previously imposed a temporary blocking of the president’s account, but after the Capitol attack it made the ban permanent, explaining its actions with the fear that Trump’s statements would “continue to incite violence.”

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