In the U.S. 11 senators will challenge the results of the presidential election

In the U.S. 11 senators will challenge the results of the presidential election

Eleven Republican U.S. senators announced their intention to formally object to the results of the electoral votes on the day they were approved by Congress on Jan. 6.
“Congress should immediately appoint an election commission with full investigative and fact-finding authority to conduct an urgent ten-day review of the election results in the disputed states,” their joint statement, quoted by The Hill, said.

Seven incumbent and four elected members of the upper chamber have advocated that specific states evaluate the commission’s findings and hold state legislative hearings, if necessary, to certify adjusted election results.
“Accordingly, we intend to vote against the electors from the disputed states on Jan. 6,” the statement said.
Senators Ted Cruz, Ron Johnson, John Kennedy, Marsha Blackburn, and others are among the signatories.
Earlier, another Republican senator, Josh Hawley, as well as about 140 members of the lower house from the Republican Party, announced their intention to oppose the results of the electoral vote.
Thus Cruz and Hawley are already called by mass-media as the potential candidates from republicans on participation in the presidential race in 2024.

If lawmakers in both chambers object to the outcome of the electoral vote, Congress would not automatically be able to approve the results, and both chambers would have to debate for up to two hours to decide whether to uphold the lawmakers’ objections.
It is unlikely to find support for the idea, but it will be the third time in U.S. history that such a congressional debate will take place. The previous cases were in 1969 and 2005 and have had no effect on the outcome of the election.
According to the official data, Joe Biden won the U.S. presidential election with 306 electoral votes from the states against 232 for Donald Trump. Trump does not recognize Biden’s victory. Congress must approve the election results on January 6. The next step will be Biden’s inauguration on January 20.

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