U.S. Air Force bombers have worked out their strikes on Russia in all directions

By | September 11, 2020
U.S. Air Force bombers have worked out their strikes on Russia in all directions

U.S. strategic bombers B-52H tested cruise missile strikes against Russia from the airspace over the Black Sea, Estonia, and Canada during NATO’s Allied Sky operation on August 28. This was announced today, September 11, by the Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Air and Space Forces Sergey Surovikin.

“Crews of strategic bombers conducted training on the use of air-based cruise missiles at facilities in the Russian Federation from the airspace above the central part of the Black Sea and the territory of Estonia,” he stated at a briefing for foreign military attachés.
He added that “simultaneously two B-52Hs, operating from the continental part of the U.S., were working on similar training and combat missions in the Arctic latitudes above the territory of Canada.
Surovikin noted that during the Allied Sky exercise on August 28, four B-52H bombers flew over the territories of 28 NATO European countries. The American bombers covered about 40 tactical aircraft of the national air force of 12 countries of the alliance.

According to the head of the Allied Air Force, the Russian side received notification of the upcoming exercise through military diplomatic channels on August 21. However, the exact timing of flights was not specified.

“It was also stated that the US Air Force would work on strategic stability and demonstrate the capabilities of the nuclear forces to deter potential aggressors from attacking the US and its allies,” he said.
Russia views the exercises of the U.S. bombers as hostile and provocative.

“We believe that working out the combat use of strategic airplanes in the immediate vicinity of the Russian state border is hostile and provocative,” Surovikin said.
Earlier, the National Defense Control Center reported an attempt by three American B-52Ns to approach the Russian border in the Black Sea on Sept. 4, as well as the escort of one B-52N over the Baltic and Black Seas in late August.

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