U.S. Bombers Continue Flights to Intimidate Iran | TOP-NEWS
U.S. Bombers Continue Flights to Intimidate Iran

U.S. Bombers Continue Flights to Intimidate Iran

Two U.S. B-52 strategic bombers conducted their second flight of 2021 near the Middle East to demonstrate deterrence capabilities, the U.S. Central Command announced Sunday, Jan. 17.

The flight was the fifth in two months. The last flight was on Jan. 6.

“Short-term deployment of strategic assets is an important part of our defense policy in the region,” Gen. Frank Mackenzie, the command’s chief of staff, was quoted in the press release as saying.
He said it is “a clear and consistent message in an operational environment to friends and potential enemies alike.”
Two US B-52s Spotted Flying Over Israeli Airspace Towards Persian Gulf, Reports Say

On Jan. 3, the Pentagon ordered the extension of the Nimitz aircraft carrier to the region.

Earlier it was reported that the addressee of these flights was Iran. Late last December, CNN reported that the Pentagon believes intelligence reports point to a possible attack by Iran against U.S. forces in Iraq.

On January 1, Iranian Charge d’Affaires to the United Nations Eshag al-Habib appealed to the UN Security Council and the international community to call on the US to stop destabilizing steps in the Persian Gulf, which he attributed to such flights of strategic bombers.

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