U.S. Box Office: 'Forward' tops weak weekend

U.S. Box Office: ‘Forward’ tops weak weekend

Another overseas solo-premiere in the face of the off-season Pixar cartoon “Forward” had to answer two questions – whether the 100 million thrush threshold of the gross box office will be overdue and whether the 47-million-year-old start of “Ratatouille” will be overtaken. Thursday’s pre-shows and Friday’s training camp did not give an accurate answer to these questions, too everything went to thin, but the scales eventually leaned to the fact that the hundred million thresholds barely, but the overseas rental succumbed (although it is still the worst result since 2015 it was the worst since 2001), but the leader still collected to a minimum.

Namely, The Pixar cartoon started with $40 million at home and $28 million worldwide, which with an unknown, but hardly less than one and a half hundred million budget almost guarantees “Disney” total losses, however, they will be small.

Last week the leader of “Invisible Man” meanwhile sat twice, having collected in two weeks exactly one hundred million, which with a budget of $7 million – in itself a great result, but ahead of the novelty is still quite a decent rental.

Next, another premiere landed at number three on the weekly chart: a sports drama starring Ben Affleck, “Out of the Game.” With a budget in the top twenty cinema failed to collect at the start and dozens, and therefore “Warner” here suffered a failure, however, also quite insignificant.

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And finally, coming out of pre-shows, with the top five in three days kicked off its wide rental “Emma”, which with the world already has $20 million with an unknown budget. There could be as much more on top.

Well, from the pre-games of his films failed “Call of the Ancestors” also got to hundreds, but with a budget of $135 million with all the flowing for “Fox” and for some reason bought it “Disney.” And today’s review of “Sonic in the Movie,” which has already reached three hundred with a budget of $85 million, will receive a one-and-a-half-fold payback.

As for next week, the leader will be “Bloodshot” who will try to approach the $80 million “Venom”, which in the run-up to the start of this year “Morbius” and “Venom 2” is very important for “Sony”, seriously claiming the laurels of the new “Marvel” but since the budget of the nearest novelty is only $40 million, in fact, the distributor will arrange everything that is north of the twenty.

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