U.S. Congress intends to limit Trump's powers | TOP-NEWS
U.S. Congress intends to limit Trump's powers

U.S. Congress intends to limit Trump’s powers

In the coming days, the U.S. House of Representatives will vote on limiting the president’s military powers.
The U.S. House of Representatives will consider a resolution to reaffirm President Trump’s limited authority over military action on Iran. This is reported in the letter of Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Democratic lawmakers, CNN reports on Monday, January 6.

“Our first duty as a member of Congress is to keep the American people safe. For this reason, we are concerned that the Administration has taken these actions without consulting Congress and without respect for the military powers of Congress granted to it by the Constitution,” the document reads.

Pelosi said a vote for the resolution would take place this week.

“It reaffirms the long-standing oversight responsibilities of Congress, ordering that unless any further action by Congress is taken, the administration’s military action against Iran will cease within 30 days,” the letter reads.

Pelosi also reiterated that she considers Suleimani’s murder “provocative and disproportionate.” She stressed that such a move endangered U.S. military personnel, diplomats and others, and threatened a serious escalation of tensions with Iran.

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Before that, Congress reminded Trump that they have military powers, and the head of state is not a dictator.

On January 3, the United States reportedly conducted an operation near Baghdad airport that killed Iranian General Kasem Suleimani.

The missile strike on the convoy, which was followed by the military commander, was carried out on Trump’s personal order.

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