U.S. Congress prepares new sanctions against Turkey

The sanctions were supported by most Democrats and Republicans. If approved, Trump would not be able to lift the new sanctions.
A majority of members of the U.S. House of Representatives on Tuesday, October 29 voted in favor of a package of sanctions against Turkey because of the aggression in Syria. If finally approved, Trump will not be able to repeal them, The Hill reported.

The House of Representatives on Tuesday easily approved sanctions against Turkey in connection with its offensive against Kurdish forces in northern Syria. The legislative initiative was adopted with the result of 403 votes against 16,” – said in a statement.

The document was backed by 176 Republicans, and only 15 of Trump’s party members opposed it.

As the newspaper notes, this showed a “rare bipartisan protest” against Trump’s policies – and at the same time a deep split between the position of Congress and a NATO ally.

The adoption of the sanctions came after the Head of the White House first imposed restrictions against Ankara, and the following week lifted them.

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The document must now be approved in the Senate. Republicans in the upper house of Congress have repeatedly criticized Trump for withdrawing troops from Syria and betraying the Kurds. But Senate Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell urged not to rush to vote on sanctions against Turkey.

If the Senate’s support for the legislative initiative exceeds two-thirds of the vote, as happened in the House of Representatives, the president will not be able to veto the bill.