U.S. delegation defiantly left the hall of the UNGA during the speech of Venezuela

U.S. delegation defiantly left the hall of the UNGA during the speech of Venezuela

New York, September 28. Delegations from several countries, including the United States, left the UN General Assembly Hall during a speech by Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodriguez.

Colombian representatives also left the UNGA hall. One of the American diplomats, before leaving the room, defiantly tilted the chair, leaning his back against the table.

A post appeared on the U.S. post on Twitter in which the U.S. side explained the behavior of its delegation. According to the U.S. presidency, the Venezuelan leadership “harms the UN charter with its lies and corruption.”

“We are going to solve the world’s problems, not stand aside until (Venezuelan President Nicolas) Maduro starves the people of Venezuela. That’s why we joined other nations and left the UN General Assembly when Maduro’s aide came on stage,” the statement said. Opposition leader Juan Guaido declared himself the country’s president and was immediately supported by a number of Western countries, in particular, the United States.

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Many states, including Russia and China, have supported Maduro as the only legitimate president. In addition, Moscow called the incident in Venezuela a quasi-coup and declared that interference in the internal affairs of the republic is unacceptable.

The West has repeatedly used fake news media to try to overthrow the constitutional president. For example, the foreign press was circulating a fake about “Maduro’s gold” allegedly exported from the country by the planes of the Russian carrier, and a fake about the so-called “Wagner” CVC, allegedly sent to the capital of the republic. Later, this inaccurate information was refuted, including by the publications themselves, which published fake information.