U.S destroyer sailed through Taiwan Strait amid escalating tensions in the region

US destroyer sailed through Taiwan Strait amid escalating tensions in the region

Meanwhile, China has once again sent fighters into Taiwan’s air defense zone.

The US Navy said the missile destroyer John McCain made a “routine” passage through the Taiwan Strait on Wednesday, while China sent new fighters into Taiwan’s air defense zone and a Chinese carrier group conducted exercises off Taiwan.

“The passage of the ship through the Taiwan Strait demonstrates the US commitment to a free and open Indo-Pacific region. The US military will continue to conduct air, sea, and other operations wherever permitted by international law, ”the US Navy said in a statement.

Meanwhile, China on Wednesday sent fighter jets into Taiwan’s air defense zone, continuing a show of force around the island, and Taiwan’s foreign minister said that if China attacked, the self-governing island would fight to the end.

In recent months, Taiwan has been complaining about the intensification of Beijing’s military operations, with Chinese air forces invading Taiwan’s air defense identification zone almost daily. China said Monday that a group of aircraft carriers is conducting exercises near the island.

Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense said 15 Chinese aircraft, including 12 fighters, entered its air defense identification zone, and an anti-submarine aircraft flew over the Bashi Strait between Taiwan and the Philippines.

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The ministry added that the Taiwan Air Force has raised its aircraft to intercept.

Speaking earlier in the day, Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Joseph Wu said the United States is worried about the risk of conflict.

“They obviously see the threat of a Chinese attack on Taiwan,” he told reporters.

“We are, no doubt, ready to defend ourselves and will fight if we have to,” the minister added. “If necessary, we will defend ourselves to the last.”

The China Office of Taiwan Affairs and the US Department of State did not comment on Wu’s statements. China insists that its activities around Taiwan are aimed at protecting China’s sovereignty. The United States expressed concern about China’s actions and expressed a strong commitment to protecting Taiwan.