In the U.S., a doctor died two weeks after a Pfizer shot

In the U.S., a doctor died two weeks after a Pfizer shot

In the United States, a doctor died a little over two weeks after being vaccinated with a Pfizer vaccine. His wife said that the man was perfectly healthy, but after the vaccination, he developed an autoimmune disease, which led to a stroke. The Daily Mail quotes the American woman as saying.

Heidi Neckelmann states that her 56-year-old husband received the vaccine on December 18 and died on January 3. He had developed a rare autoimmune disease that causes his body to destroy his own platelets, which help blood clot. “In my opinion, his death was 100 percent vaccine-related. There is no other explanation,” the woman stressed.

According to her, Gregory Michael did not smoke, only occasionally consumed alcohol, played sports, and went deep-sea fishing. In addition, he was screened for all diseases, including cancer, but he was found to have nothing. Three days after the injection, the man first noticed signs of the developing disease – red spots indicative of subcutaneous hemorrhage. On examination, it turned out that the doctor was suffering from an acute platelet deficiency.

Doctors diagnosed him with idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura – a disease in which the body takes platelets as foreign bodies and gives a signal to the spleen to destroy them. As a result, medics decided to remove his spleen and gave the patient therapy every day to restore platelet levels. However, this extreme measure did not save the man.

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The press service of Pfizer stressed that they are investigating the case of Michael’s death. The company’s specialists have not yet found a connection between the vaccine and the disease.

The drug developed by Pfizer/BioNTech is currently the only vaccine approved by the European Union against coronavirus. Vaccination with Moderna is also approved in the United States. Both of these vaccines are two-component. More than four million Americans have already received the first injection.