U.S. Embassy in Greece attacks by protesters

U.S. Embassy in Greece attacks by protesters

Protesters attacked the US Embassy in Athens, Greece. It is reported by the Greek TV channel ERT
In particular, the protesters threw Molotov cocktails and stones standing next to the building and police, and set fire to several garbage cans. In response to this, law enforcement officers used flash noise grenades and tear gas.
It is noted that the riots began only at the end of the procession, which was positioned as an act of solidarity with American protesters who took to the streets after the death of African American George Floyd.

Earlier, protesters against police violence and racism besieged the residence of the Prime Minister of Great Britain on Downing Street. According to Sky News, several thousand people came to protests in support of performances in the United States, in London.
Floyd died as a result of a gross arrest: the policeman used strangulation against him. His death caused protests in the United States, which turned into pogroms. Actions in support of American protesters were also held in other countries of the world.

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