U.S. Expects New Phase in Relations with Iran

U.S. Expects New Phase in Relations with Iran

The head of U.S. Central Command, General Frank Mackenzie, said the inauguration of new President Joseph Biden marks the beginning of a “period of opportunity” in U.S.-Iranian relations.

“I’m sure there’s a political calculation in Iran to reach out to the new administration and see if things change,” Defense One quoted McKenzie, who is preparing to go to the Middle East, as saying.
The general added that “the new administration is going to reconsider U.S. policy.”

Late last year, some U.S. media outlets, citing Pentagon sources, reported that Iran was preparing to strike U.S. forces in the Middle East. Mackenzie confirmed that there had been an “increased threat” from Iran in the last months of President Donald Trump’s administration, but the U.S. had managed to prevent military action.

Biden took office as president of the United States on January 20.

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