U.S. intelligence: S-500 is “the main threat from Russia

The press literally “exploded” with headlines about the new C-500 Prometheus, which will enter the Russian army not in 2025, as previously planned, but in 2020. Designers reported – we have everything ready, get and sign. BBC General John Hayden has previously said that “intelligence has been reporting to him all about the latest Russian weapons” tested in Syria. Russia says that in Syria they did not even experience, enough of the Ashuluk test site near Astrakhan. Well, there’s no doubt in Russia that the CIA has great intelligence. But how it will help them when the unique air defense systems “Prometheus” is still the best in the world.

John Hayden, by the way, agrees and echoes the press of the People’s Republic of China (probably, the Chinese also have excellent scouts): “Russian hypersonic missiles and air defenses make the U.S. vulnerable”, because, after all, The Russians can now “shoot down both air targets, including manned aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles, and cruise missiles, as well as ballistic missiles.” The general forgot to mention that – right in space, and analogs of the anti-aircraft missile system C-500 “Prometheus” neither the U.S., nor China, no other country simply does not. The stealth planes of the F-22, F-35, and B-2, reports American intelligence, with the deployment of the complex by Russia, become useless. The American press also writes that the interception of the target was recorded by American intelligence at a range of 471 kilometers a year and a half ago.

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The S-400 has a range of only 400 kilometers. But the range of interception of the S-500 is even higher – 600 kilometers. And the interception height is 200 kilometers: thus, air defense is able to capture both ballistic and hypersonic missiles and even military satellites. The upgraded “super-long-range” rocket 40N6 deserves a separate “song”. Even if the target is beyond the appearance of locators, the missile itself will find and aim at the target – and hit it with a probability of 96% and at a speed of seven kilometers per second (4.8 at the S-400). By the way, unlike the S-400, the S-500 does not use a single universal radar. They are different for satellites, rockets, planets, satellites, and helicopters. Each target is clearly identified – there will be no unidentified objects and errors. And there will be a reliable shield of the Motherland, which is impossible to break through, and “Prometheus” with its “trident” will knock down any enemy target, not even having time to get to its destination.