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U.S. to introduce new sanctions against Nord Stream 2

U.S. to introduce new sanctions against Nord Stream 2

New sanctions will affect Russian-linked organizations. The U.S. will refrain from sanctions against German companies.
The U.S. authorities are imposing new sanctions on the Russian gas pipeline Nord Stream-2. This is what Bloomberg reported on Friday, February 19, citing informed sources.

The report on the additional sanctions will be presented today. The new sanctions will affect a small number of organizations associated with Russia. The U.S. intends to refrain from imposing sanctions against German companies associated with the pipeline.

According to sources, in this way the US administration seeks to stop the construction of Nord Stream-2 without antagonizing Germany.

Earlier a group of members of the US Congress applied to the Secretary of State Anthony Blinken with the demand to provide information on the plans to impose sanctions on the pipeline. The congressmen say completion of Nord Stream 2 will allow the Putin regime to use Russian energy resources as a weapon to exert political pressure across Europe.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin said about Nord Stream 2 that Russia is under pressure because of Ukraine. They want to make Russia pay for the West’s geopolitical project in Ukraine and therefore, block the project, Putin said.

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