U.S.-led coalition responds to shelling in Syria

By | February 12, 2020
U.S.-led coalition responds to shelling in Syria

One person was killed in a shooting at the Khyrbet Ammo checkpoint, Syrian and Turkish media said.
U.S.-led international coalition forces fighting Islamic State opened fire at a checkpoint in northeastern Syria after they came under fire from small arms. This was reported by Reuters on Wednesday, February 12.”After the coalition troops issued a series of warnings and attempts to calm the situation, the patrol came under fire from small arms from unknown persons,” said the coalition spokesman Colonel Miles Caggins.

In self-defense, the coalition forces returned fire, he said. After that, the situation calmed down.

In turn, the Syrian and Turkish media reported that one person was killed in the shooting at the Khyrbet-Ammo checkpoint. And coalition warplanes subsequently carried out at least one airstrike.

Earlier on Wednesday, it was reported that Turkey had sent additional troops to Syria. They are heading to the western districts of Aleppo province.

As you know, the Syrian army with the support of Russian aviation is conducting a large-scale offensive against the militias in Idlib, which are supported by Turkey. Fourteen Turkish soldiers were killed in the strikes in a few days. Ankara says it is neutralizing hundreds of Syrian soldiers.

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