U.S. military allowed turbans and hijabs

U.S. military allowed turbans and hijabs

Beards and long hair have also been allowed, but the look should remain “tidy and conservative”.
Muslims and Sikhs serving in the U.S. Army were allowed to wear religious clothing. The relevant amendments were made to the rules governing the appearance of U.S. Air Force personnel, CNN reported.

It is noted that the exemptions relate to the issuance of permits for turbans, hijabs, beards and long hair. They will be allowed to be worn by Muslims and Sikhs during the service if their appearance remains “tidy and conservative”.

Under the new amendments, the process of reviewing requests for military personnel serving in the United States may not exceed 30 days, in other cases – 60.

Until now, Sikhs and Muslims could only individually request permission from the command to wear certain religious items of clothing, a process that often took a long time.

Sikh and Muslim rights groups welcomed the U.S. Air Force’s decision, calling it a step in the right direction.

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