U.S. NEWS: House of Representatives Approves Election Reform Bill

U.S. NEWS: House of Representatives Approves Election Reform Bill

The document, in particular, expands the practice of early voting and relaxes the requirements for voter identification

The House of Representatives approved the For the People Act, a bill proposing sweeping reforms to protect voter rights and improve election security.

The bill was approved by 220 votes in favor, with 210 against. All but two Republicans who did not vote opposed the bill; one Democrat joined them.

The initiative aims to increase voter turnout by expanding early voting, reducing identification requirements, allowing registration on Election Day and requiring states to establish automatic registration in federal elections for all eligible voters.

The document also expands voter access to absentee and mail-in ballots and establishes basic rules for mail-in ballots and mail-in ballot applications.

Previously, the document had no chance of becoming law because the Republicans who controlled the Senate and their leader, Mitch McConnell, called it a “terrible bill” and refused to consider it.

Now that the Senate is evenly divided and controlled by Democrats, the bill has a better chance of reaching President Joe Biden’s desk.

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However, it may face the prospect of obstruction (filibuster) by Republicans, which, in fact, requires 60 votes out of 100 to overcome.