U.S. persuades Turkey to postpone the purchase of Russian S-400 for a year

The US is persuading Turkey to postpone the purchase of Russian s-400 sams for a whole year, that is, until 2020. In return, Washington promises Ankara a chance to avoid sanctions.

On the proposal of the American side to postpone the transaction writes Bloomberg, citing informed sources. It is noted that Turkey has not yet given its answer and is considering the request of the NATO partner. At the same time, there is little time for reflection: the deal for the S-400 is scheduled for July this year.

At the same time, Washington promises that the annual delay will help Ankara, as it will give a chance to avoid sanctions from the US. During the additional year in America hope to come with Turkey to no compromise on the issue of buying weapons from Russia.

Meanwhile, Interfax, citing its own sources, writes that at least as of May 10, the contract for the supply of Turkey S-400 remained in force. He denied the reports of the German newspaper that Turkey is ready to abandon the deal with Russia.

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