U.S police shoot black man in hospital

US police shoot black man in hospital

Police in the United States shot and killed a hospitalized black man: during a search, they found a pistol in his possession, after which there was a shootout. It is reported by Fox News.

Miles Jackson, 27, was found unconscious in his car and hospitalized. After checking his documents, doctors discovered that he was wanted on charges of domestic violence and illegal possession of weapons, after which they called the police.

The police found a firearm on the man. The details of what happened next have not yet been fully clarified. According to the official report of the head of the local police, Jackson resisted arrest and opened fire on law enforcement officers. According to another version, he could have been the victim of police violence.

The shootout took place in Columbus, the capital of Ohio. Several dozen local residents came out to protest against racist prejudice in the police ranks. They laid siege to the local police station and tried to take it by storm. One of the protesters attacked law enforcement officers with a truncheon and was arrested.

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Protests over the racial injustice of police officers continue for the third day in the United States. They flared up after a female police officer in Minneapolis confused a stun gun and a pistol and inflicted a fatal gunshot wound on an African American. Her superiors said it was an accident.