U.S. postpones introduction of new duties against China

U.S. postpones introduction of new duties against China

Washington planned to impose additional duties on certain goods from China from December 15.
U.S. authorities have officially postponed the entry into force of additional duties on goods from China totaling $250 billion. This is evidenced by the statement of the representative’s office at trade negotiations, which was published in the database of the Federal Register, Top News reported on Saturday, December 14.

In accordance with the President’s instructions, the U.S. Trade Representative decided to amend the measures taken as part of the investigation into Article 301 and suspends additional duties of 15% on the number of additional duties on the level of 15% until further notification (entry into force) of the certain goods from China,” the statement said.

The additional duties were to come into force on 15 December at 00:01 local time.

On October 11, U.S. President Donald Trump said that Washington and Beijing had reached a “significant first stage” as part of a deal to resolve bilateral trade disputes.

And the day before, the American leader said that the U.S. and China “immediately begin negotiations on the second phase of the trade deal, without waiting for the end of the elections in 2020.”

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In late August, Trump announced that from October 1, duties on goods totaling $250 billion will increase from 25 to 30%. He later postponed the decision until October 15 and then postponed it to December 15.

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